eduroam (Education Roaming)
What is eduroam ?

The Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK) participates in the national DFNRoaming
of the DFN Association and so it is also integrated into the international eduroam project.

DFN roaming or eduroam respectively enables members of participating universities and research institutions to access networks in other participating institutions by using the credentials provided by their home institutions.

Normally it is a network access via Wi-Fi and includes access to the science network or the Internet.


eduroam project

eduroam as guest at the
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (SBB)

At the SBB eduroam is provided via an 802.1X-based authentication. Authentication and data communication are encrypted and use WPA2-Enterprise. Additional VPN software is not required.

The use of eduroam is possible at every location where Wi-Fi access points broadcast the SSID eduroam. In general, this is the case with all Wi-Fi access points which are operated by the SBB.

If you wish to get connected to eduroam in one of our buildings, the prerequisites are:

  • Your home university or home organisation has joined the eduroam initiative.
  • Your device has been configured according to the specifications of your home institution.
  • Username and password which you have obtained from your university or organisation have been entered correctly.
    If you are a member of the university XYZ this could be, for example:

    Any inquiry or modification regarding your username and password can only be answered by the computing centre of your home institution.

Please note that you do not have access to the licensed electronic resources
(databases, e-books, e-journals) via eduroam.
In order to access these within our reading rooms,
you should use the Wi-Fi SSID WLAN-SBB.

The Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (SBB) does not provide any technical support regarding the installation and use of eduroam.

If necessary, please contact your home institution.