Changing your Password

When you register as a library user, a password for your library account is created.
By default this is your date of birth (ddmmyyyy).
This is not a secure password and has to be changed.

Please make the changes in your library account =
You can access your library account at your own device or at all public computers in the reading rooms.

The changed password should be used for all services requiring your library card number.

The new password should contain at least six and at most 32 characters, including at least 1 alphabetical character, 1 numerical character, 1 special character.

Permitted characters:

  • alphabetical: Aa … Zz
  • numerical: 0 … 9
  • special characters , ; . : – _ # ' + * ! " $ & ( ) = ?

Please note: Your new password can be used immediately to log in into your library account. Wi-Fi login requires a waiting period of 30 minutes.

You have forgotten your password?

Please refer to the lending desk, where your password will be reset to your default password (your date of birth ‚DDMMYYYY‘). Afterwards you can proceed as described on this page.