Here you can administrate the password for your library account, which also gives you access to Wi-Fi and remote access to electronic resources and the newspaper information system ZEFYS.

With your registration at the SBB you get an automatically generated initial password in the format ddmmyy, based on your birthday.
We recommend a change into a secure password as soon as possible.

The use of Wi-Fi and access to remote electronic resources is possible only after a password change.
The new password is valid for all services, where you log in with your library account number.

Changing your Password

The new password should contain at least six and at most 32 characters, including at least 1 alphabetical character, 1 numerical character, 1 special character.

Permitted characters:

  • alphabetical: Aa … Zz
  • numerical: 0 … 9
  • special characters , ; . : - _ # ' + * ! " $ % & / ( ) = ?

Please note: Your new password can be used immediately to log in into your library account.
Access to all other services may require a waiting period of 6 minutes. A hint is shown after changing the password.

If you cannot change your password here, e.g. in case you forgot your password, please use the reset function (below) or contact

Forgotten Password?

If you have stored your e-mail address with us, you can request a link to restore your password.

Please enter your user card number and your deposited email address into the form.

On successful validation we send you an email containing a password reset link. You should use this link within one hour to reset your password.

Please take notice of the possible waiting period of 6 minutes until the new password can be used.